9 probably good books that I started but did not finish during 2020

  1. The Beneficiary: A well-painted tale of the effects of great wealth upon a multi-generational family in Philadelphia’s suburbs and the real people within.
  2. Operation Paperclip: The story of the Nazi scientists who founded the American space program. Compelling, but capped out on space content this year.
  3. The House of Morgan: The genesis of American merchant banking in London and my former employer. More interesting than it sounds, but hard to fit into ‘10 minutes before falling asleep’ stretches.
  4. 24 Hours in Ancient Rome: 24 Hours in Ancient Rome - life hasn’t changed that much in 2,500 years, but breadmaking has, thankfully.
  5. Station Eleven: 10 months, 3 pages in, no longer sure what it’s about. It won a bunch of awards. I aspirationally clicked Buy It Now.
  6. Invested: Charles Schwab’s autobiography. Starts off with a bang: the deregulation of equity commissions. For another day/
  7. The Sellout: 9 months, 7 pages in! Also no longer sure what it’s about, but that’s 2.3x more progress than with Station Eleven.
  8. Very Stable Genius: Y’all, I’m done with long-form Trump content. With luck, that will align well with 2021.
  9. George F. Kennan: An American Life: Compelling prose of a remarkable man. The detailed histories of foreign policy planning processes function were a good narcoleptic, but as with The House of Morgan, more interesting than it may sound.

Too bad I’m not enrolled in the Amazon affiliate program.